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Confirmed: Boise State staying in MWC

Brett McMurphy tweeted this news item about an hour ago, which led twitter folk far and wide to call "shenanigans" in unison. However, McMurphy was not blowing smoke up our proverbial skirts and it turns out that Boise State is, indeed, staying in the Mountain West—killing a pretty slick 2013 home schedule, but rekindling Derek Carr's resolve to win one for his big bro. All sports will remain in the MWC, which is good news for the basketball team, but there's a small matter of an apparent $10M $5M exit fee the Broncos must now pay to NOT play in the Big East (update: Craig Thompson says league will help with exit fee). San Diego State may now bolt the Big East with no penalty.

So, what would drive such a change of heart? Well, for one...the league—just like the MWC—is NOT the same one we agreed to join. Pitt and WVU are gonezo and Louisville and Rutgers are on their way out as well. Geographically, the MWC has always been a much better fit for the Broncos, but the TV deal has always stunk on ice...well maybe no more. As part of their negotiations to remain in the MWC, Boise State will apparently keep their home TV rights. Mountain West will get the revenue...but Boise State's share (and that of its conference mates) will be bigger with Boise State negotiating home TV rights outside the MWC's TV plan. Oh...and that "no blue on blue" rule? Yeah, that's gone too. Looks like Boise State was able to get the concessions they wanted to remain in the league.

Update for clarification: Brian Murphy sez Boise State will probably not be able to negotiate own TV deal, but their home games will be packaged separately. Basically, I take this to mean that ESPN or whomever else wants the Bronco home games can bid for them instead of CBS sports or other MWC TV partners getting first dibs. This should bring more $$ for Boise State and actually help conference mates as well (a part I'm not as fond of).

Your thoughts

Happy? Sad? Indifferent? I certainly see pros and cons to remaining, but if Boise State was happy enough with the MWC caving to their demands, maybe we will be too.