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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-3-12


Fake Joe Southwick Twitter account sends Arkansas fans into a frenzy about Coach Pete

So this was humorous last night. For the last week an Arkansas website has been reporting that Petersen to Arkansas is imminent and even though their deadline have come and gone, they have stuck to their story. Somehow this thing won't just die even despite hearing from AD Mark Coyle that no one has been contacted to his knowledge and he talks to Coach Pete often. Well last night, this Southwick account, @JoeSouthwick16, tweeted that he was wishing Coach Pete the best in future endeavors and followed up with a #BoiseNation tweet that had to be a wink to Boise State fans that this was fake. Naturally, Arkansas fans ran wild with this on Twitter, yet they can't even spell Petersen correctly. We all know that players aren't allowed on Twitter. This account has been going since October 12th and I have to agree with Drew, if this account was made yesterday, I would be a lot more worried. Anyways, good luck with Chris Peterson, Arkansas fans!

Football team announces team awards from this season

Chris Santini won the Ultimate Rebar award. I don't know what that means but I'm excited to find out! Nick Patti was given the award for the offensive scout team player of the year so everyone can read as much into that as you like. D.J. Harper and J.C. Percy took home the respective MVP awards for both sides of the ball and Jamar Taylor was the Iron Bronco.

Boise State basketball with win over Seattle

Boise State didn't have a letdown after their upset of Creighton last week. They took care of Seattle 87-64. Boise State is now 6-1 and next plays at Utah on Wednesday and returns to Taco Bell Arena on Friday to take on LSU.