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Way too early 2013 depth chart

The Broncos just finished off their 2012 campaign and Spring ball is a few months away...but we've got to entertain ourselves somehow, right?

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Making predictions about next year's starters is always a dicey proposition, but with the way that Broadway Joe Southwick finished his season, I'm at least a little less apt to put the dreaded "OR" at the QB position. Of course, attrition, injuries, or super-secret suspensions could always throw a wrench in the works here...but come on, I'm not Nostradamus. The below chart is my best guess, and should not be used for gambling purposes. I'm throwing in a few true frosh because a) it's happening, and b) LOI day is still a month away, so I thought I'd jinx things.

Way too early 2013 depth chart


QB: Joe Southwick, Grant Hedrick OR Nick Patti

RB: Jay Ajayi, Jack Fields OR Derrick Thomas

FB: Jamal Wilson, Connor Peters

X receiver: Matt Miller, Aaron Burks

Z receiver: Dallas Burroughs OR Shane WIlliams Rhodes

Slot receiver: Kirby Moore, Jack Austin

TE: Holden Huff OR Gabe Linehan, Hayden Plinke (but for the grace of Coach Pete)

LT: Charles Leno, Steven Baggett

LG: Spencer Gerke OR Marcus Henry

C: Matt Paradis, Mario Yakoo

RG: Jake Broyles, Travis Averill

RT: Rees Odhiambo, ???


DE: Demarcus Lawrence, Beau Martin

NT: Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, Jeff Worthy (see above re: Plinke, Hayden)

DT: Armand Nance, Deuce Mataele

STUD end: Sam Ukwuachu, Sam McCaskill

MLB: Blake Renaud, Ben Weaver

WLB: Tyler Gray, Andrew Pint OR Mat Boesen

N: Corey Bell, Chris Santini OR Jonathan Brown

CB: Bryan Douglas, Ebo Makinde

CB: Donte Deayon, Chaz Anderson

SS: Jeremy Ioane, Dillon Lukehart

FS: Darian Thompson OR Lee Hightower


K: Tyler Rausa, Dan Goodale

P: Trevor Harman, Sean Wale

KO: Dan Goodale, Trevor Harman

Holder: Matt Miller, Grant Hedrick

KR: Dallas Burroughs, Shane Williams-Rhodes

PR: Shane Williams-Rhodes

LS: Kevin Keane

Your turn

Hate to tell you this, but we'll be without live Bronco football for a while. Might as well settle in and join the offseason discussion...we're all in this together.