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Predict the score for Boise State versus Washington in the Las Vegas Bowl


The Broncos and Huskies face off in the Vegas Bowl on Saturday (1:30 p.m. MT, ESPN) with eight months' worth of bragging rights on the line until they play again. Who will win the game before the real game? More importantly, what will the final score be?

Share your prediction on the final score, and if you get it 100 percent right, you will win a prize from the OBNUG chest of prizes. We've had two winners already this year, so being clairvoyant is definitely a possibility. Either that, or lucky.

My prediction is Broncos 28, Huskies 17. This will not be an Arizona State-style romp because this year's Boise State team doesn't do those and Washington is leaps and bounds better than the lame duck Sun Devils. It should be a good game, unless you are like me and love blowouts.

Let's hear your prediction in the comments.