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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-20-12

Steve Dykes

Justin Wilcox talks about leaving Boise State and his time in Tennessee

He said he has no regrets about taking the Tennessee job but did own up to liking the Northwest better than the Southeast. He wouldn't rule out a return to the SEC though. Wilcox felt he wanted to be challenged and that's why he took the Tennessee job. He mentioned that he felt like he was plateauing a bit in his knowledge of the game at Boise State. Wilcox said he's still talks to members of the Boise State staff and even goes fishing with Coach Kwiatkowski in the off season.

Big East reportedly talking to Fresno State and UNLV about joining

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco has apparently been talking to both schools about joining. One interesting thing in this report is that it's said that the Mountain West hasn't moved in expansion because of their TV situation. The contract that they have runs through the 2015 season but some schools are trying to get a hold of the rights to some second or third tier games to sell locally via pay per view or possibly to a national broadcaster.

Boise State and Idaho disagree on basketball series record

Boise State says they lead the series 51-35 while Idaho claims it should be 51-39 because of 4 victories before 1971 when Boise State was a 2 year school. I say we give them the victories if it will make the feel better. Boise State takes on Idaho tonight in Boise at the CenturyLink Arena and it looks like there are still some tickets available. Leon Rice is looking to increase his record to 4-0 against Idaho.