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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-19-12

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In last three yeatrs, Boise State assistants pay has risen

USA Today compiled pay data from 102 FBS schools and has found that Boise State's assistant pay has jumped to 21st out of those schools. They are ahead of 34 schools that are in AQ conferences as well. One of the things that Chris Petersen has pushed for is higher assistant pay and it definitely looks like the school has responded. With that and the new football complex being built, it's easy to see that the school values this team and Coach Petersen.

Wisconsin to hire Utah State's Gary Anderson

This is a bit surprising. Just a few weeks ago, Anderson had made statements that he was staying at Utah State and even likened himself to Coach Petersen staying at Boise State. That was all before the Wisconsin job came open though. I guess it's good that he at least waited until after Utah State's bowl game to interview and take the job.

Another way too early 2013 Top 25 ranking has Boise State at no. 21

Washington is unranked. Louisville sits at no. 11 and is the only other team that Boise State is slated to play right now. Of course, who knows if Louisville will even stick around for one more year in the Big East?