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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-14-12

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Michael Heiman

Reports that Big East basketball schools are choosing to leave the conference

That said, the talk about the teams dissolving the league and taking the Big East name apparently can't happen according to Brett McMurphy. They will be able to leave as a group of seen and pay not exit fees though. One good bit of news coming out of this yesterday was that the Big East in whatever form will retain it's BCS status for next year. Combine that with the Mountain West's terrible TV contract that still has a few years left and I think Boise State continues with the move to the Big East for the short term and then sees where everything is a year from now before deciding to move back to the Mountain West when we're under the new playoff revenue model.

Boise State to host LSU tonight in Taco Bell arena

LSU is 6-0 and coming to town to take on a 6-2 Boise State team. They are expecting over 10,000 fans for only the 39th time in Boise State's history. If you're going to the game, Boise State is asking you to wear orange. The arena's capacity is 12,380 so there should still be tickets available if you want to be part of the game.

Mike Riley to interview for Wisconsin job

Here's an actual report from CBS Sports about Mike Riley interviewing. This isn't some local radio station reporting that he's going to interview like what happened with Coach Petersen. Of course, if he does get hired, expect all the Oregon State fans to start saying about how Petersen is going to go there.