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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-13-12

Stacy Revere

Big East basketball schools could be leaning toward dissolving league

In case you missed it yesterday, the seven basketball only schools of the Big East are contemplating dissolving the league, taking the Big East name and restarting the league on their own. According to the Big East bylaws, a 2/3 vote can dissolve the league. With there only being 10 members right now, the basketball schools would have the votes if it's done before July 1, 2013. The schools are scheduled to have a teleconference with Big East commissioner Mike Aresco today and make their intentions known in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Boise State could be the determining factor for the Big East

Dennis Dodd has a good article here detailing the Big East turmoil from Boise State's perspective. It's kind of reassuring knowing that no matter what happens, Boise State is in a decent position, especially better than Cincinnati and UCONN which couldn't get into the ACC and now might be left out in the cold. If Boise State would decide to leave the Big East, the conference would take a significant hit. Boise State is the flagship football program. So much so that apparently there was interest from on media rights holder to broadcast Boise State home games only, similar to Notre Dame's arrangement with NBC. This doesn't mean Boise State should go independent, but it does mean that Boise State does have options.