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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-12-12

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Payouts for new playoff format released

As a surprise to no one, the five major conferences (SEC, Pac 12, Big Ten, Big 12 and ACC) will receive an average of $91 million a piece while the "group of five" conferences that include the Big East and the Mountain West will receive an average $17.25 million annually. That's almost $75 million difference. On the bright side, that payout is more than teams in the Mountain West were receiving in the BCS but for teams that got left behind in the Big East, that is a significant drop. The article says that commissioners approved this model. I can guess which commissioners were allowed to vote.

Big East announces 2013 football schedule

Boise State looks to have a pretty good home schedule lined up with Houston, Louisville, Rutgers and Houston coming to town. They play away at Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU and Temple. San Diego State and Boise State will be traveling the most miles next year, but it's surprisingly fewer than Boise State traveled this year. No dates or times have been released yet, but I'm already thinking about how to go to that Cincinnati game. That is unless the basketball teams decide to dissolve the Big East which, as you guys discussed yesterday, might be the best move for Boise State to get back to the Mountain West.

Boise State could be on the hook for $100k worth of bowl tickets

Boise State and Washington were both given 11,000 tickets to sell. Boise State has only sold about 3,100 tickets which includes player comps and band members. I don't quite follow Cripe's math but he has Boise State still on the hook for 1,891 tickets. Boise State is selling the tickets for $62 a piece while you can get tickets for less on Stubhub. I hope someone at Boise State starts selling them for cheaper to recoup some of the cost.

Boise State comes in at no. 3 in BCS rankings by academic rankings

Hmm...this sounds awfully similar to Kevan's method of coming up with a blogpoll. Boise State came in third in this ranking behind only Northwestern and Northern Illinois and ahead of Stanford and Notre Dame. And Vandal fans, I'm sure Idaho would have been really high on this list if, you know, they were actually good at football.

Bryan Harsin leaving Texas for Arkansas State

This surprised me last night. I guess I expect when you are a top assistant at Texas, you could hold out for a better job. Either Harsin saw that Gus Malzahn and Hugh Freeze were able to parlay a year at Arkansas State into head coaching jobs at Ole Miss and Auburn and thought it would be a good stepping stone for him as well, or things are not good in Texas and Harsin decided to bolt before things got worse.