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Ranking Boise State's 2013 schedule from most exciting to "home vs. Memphis"

Otto Kitsinger III

The Big East announced its 2013 conference matchups, which, when combined with Boise State's existing non-conference games, gives us a complete look at who the Broncos will be playing and where. Hope you like in-conference trips to Philadelphia. There's one of those.

Because nothing is valuable unless it's ranked, here's a ranking of all 12 of Boise State's 2013 games, in order from most exciting to least exciting. Feel free to disagree vehemently in the comments.

@ Washington (Aug. 31)

Clearly the No. 1 game of 2013 unless something uncomfortable happens in the Holiday Bowl and we're all embarrassed to see each other again in eight months.

vs. Louisville

Along with the Rutgers game, this saved the home schedule from being downright scrimmage-ish.

@ BYU (Oct. 26)

vs. Rutgers

@ Cincinnati

@ San Diego State

The Aztecs are Boise State's biggest conference rival but have the fourth-best conference cachet.

vs. Houston


Still interesting.

@ Temple

Getting less interesting.

vs. Southern Miss (Sept 28)

vs. Memphis

vs. Tennessee-Martin (Sept 7)