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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-10-12

Rich Schultz

Kustra says that Louisville will be coming to Boise next year

Boise State president Bob Kustra was a guest on IPT's Dialogue show over the weekend and made a comment that Louisville will be visiting Boise State next year. Nothing has officially been announced, however. The Big East expects to announce the conference schedules this week. In the same interview, Kustra also spoke about how he's not sitting around worrying that Petersen is looking at other jobs. Speaking of which...

Wisconsin radio station saying that Petersen will interview with Barry Alvarez today

So this popped up on Friday and I believe it's already dead since no one has been tweeting about it in two days. This was mere hours after the Las Vegas Review-Journal got Coach Pete to talk about job speculation and Petersen did his best job yet letting everyone know how much he loves Boise State and how good he's got it there. So, I expect The Big 1070 to come up with some story about how Chris Petersen had a change of heart and won't be interviewing, but they their first report was totally correct.