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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest: Eliminator picks for Week Eleven

Boise State losing didn't affect any or our nine remaining unbeaten entries. They are still riding high but running out of teams to pick.
  • wrrolling
  • bronconationeast
  • Yamani_luvbsu
  • well versed
  • LoneSausages
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • Majormike53
  • BleedBlue

We've only got four more weeks left and I'm hoping to stay at one loss and it's time to break out the big guns:

Boise State over Hawaii

I was saving Boise State for awhile. At the beginning it was because I wasn't sure how good they were yet. Then I just started saving them for more attractive match ups knowing I could depend on them down the stretch. That time is now. Hawaii has been atrocious under the first year for Norm Chow and Boise State is coming off a loss where they should be ready to show what they can do. I expect lots of points from the offense this week and a decisive win.

Nick was eliminated in Week Four

Previous Nick picks: Utah, TCU, Washington, Air Force, BYU, Nevada, San Diego State, Oregon State, Louisiana Tech, Stanford



BYU over Idaho

One of the perks of being independent is - I guess - having half of your schedule against soon-to-be-extinct WAC teams, many of whom are glorified byes. That's all this one is for the Cougars. I'd imagine you could get the same odds for Idaho scoring points against the BYU defense as you could for Idaho scoring negative points. One of those things is technically impossible to do; the other, mostly impossible.

While I'm at it, I would like to admit watching some of the Idaho - San Jose State game on local TV last Saturday. It was glorious in its hideousness. I could watch the Vandals lose football games all day long.

Kevan was eliminated in Week Two.

Previous Kevan picks: Air Force, UNLV, Washington State, Utah State, Nevada, Fresno State, San Diego State, Louisiana Tech, Oregon, Stanford



BYU over Idaho

If Idaho scores any points in this game, I'll consider it a rousing moral victory.

Drew was eliminated in Week Eight and again in Week Nine.

Previous Drew picks: Stanford, TCU, Oregon, Boise State, Fresno State, Louisiana Tech, San Diego State, Washington, Oregon State, Utah State


Wanna play?

The OBNUG Eliminator challenge is open to anyone and everyone who knows how to use a Google document or begs us really hard in the comments to use a Google document for them.

Enter your weekly pick into the Eliminator form.

One big rule: You can't pick the same team twice.

Additional rules are 1) don't cheat and screw with the spreadsheet, 2) make your picks before your game starts, 3) keep playing as long as you want after you pick wrong. All other rules are meaningless to the extent that I cannot remember them now.

Winner gets a free Deuce Brand watch.

Pick. Survive. Gloat. Enjoy.


We will be playing this for 14 weeks so we have selected a list of 20 teams to pick from. These include all Mountain West teams as well as a selection of regional teams and, for those who love making bad decisions, Idaho.

Boise State Air Force Fresno State Hawaii Nevada
New Mexico San Diego State UNLV Wyoming Idaho
TCU BYU Utah Louisiana Tech Utah State
Washington Washington State Oregon Oregon State Stanford

This Week's Games

There are a total of 19 teams to pick from this week.

  • Boise State at Hawaii
  • Air Force at San Diego State
  • Fresno State at Nevada
  • Hawaii vs. Boise State
  • Nevada vs. Fresno State
  • San Diego State vs. Air Force
  • UNLV at Colorado State
  • Wyoming at New Mexico
  • Idaho at BYU
  • TCU vs. (2) Kansas State
  • BYU vs. Idaho
  • Utah at Washington
  • (20) Louisiana Tech at Texas State
  • Utah State vs. BYE
  • Washington vs. Utah
  • Washington State vs. (18) UCLA
  • (3) Oregon at California
  • (11) Oregon State vs. Arizona State
  • (14) Stanford at Colorado

See some winners there? Of course you do. Enter your pick in the spreadsheet and share your team du jour in the comments.