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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-6-12

Otto Kitsinger III

Michael Atkinson done for year with torn ACL

This is sad news as this also means that Atkinson's career at Boise State is now over too. The man nicknamed "Canadian Bacon" really stepped up his game this year on the field and as a leader of the defense. Hopefully he can rehab quickly and get a chance with an NFL team next fall. In other news, Coach Pete also announced at his weekly press conference that kicker Jake Van Ginkel has been dismissed from the team and won't be back. Very disappointing to see these suspensions this year at the same time players who have done nothing wrong are suffering season ending injuries. Hopefully the suspended players can take Atkinson's lead, who had his own issues early on, and turn their careers around to become productive players for Boise State.

Why the first 2 point conversion should have worked

@BoiseCalvin broke down the failed two point conversion and there were open receivers and probably could have been successful with a good snap. I haven't spent a lot of time reading reactions to this play, but overall I support this strategy. It was interesting to hear that SDSU had to prepare for the different swinging gate formations so it does take a toll on opponents. Even with failed execution like what happened here, the strategy is still sound and could have succeeded if there would have been a good snap.

Doug Martin's Sunday ranked above some of the best ever in terms of fantasy value

Using standard scoring, Jon Bois calculated that Martin had the 4th best fantasy day in the Internet era (1995 to present) behind Corey Dillon in 1997, Shaun Alexander in 2002, and Clinton Portis in 2003. I really wish I hadn't have picked this year to sit out of fantasy football as I would have tried to draft Dougie.

Nate Potter to start for Cardinals

It was just last Friday that we shared a link about Potter patiently waiting to get his shot to get in. Potter got his chance against Green Bay and played so well that he's been named the starter at left tackle. I'm happy for Potter for his success after getting drafted lower in the draft than we initially expected. Glad to his potential shine through.