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Where Boise State stands in this week's Mountain West power poll

Otto Kitsinger III

Now that the Broncos are no longer in the running for BCS riches, my weekly practice of recapping polls and holding voters accountable has less meaning - like no meaning. So onto other things, like oxymoronic Mountain West power rankings.

No. 1: San Diego State


It's hard to argue with a team on a five-game winning streak, considering that win No. 5 came in a previously impossible place for outsiders to win unless you happen to hold the kryptonite of being a plucky Mountain West team. The Aztecs have two games remaining: vs. Air Force this week and at Wyoming the next. So really, you guys, they only have one game remaining.

No. 2: Boise State


I was tempted to drop the Broncos down to No. 4 on this list because a) I'm still mad at them and b) I have serious doubts about their chances against Air Force. But seeing as how BSU dismantled Fresno State a couple weeks back, I couldn't put the Broncos behind the Bulldogs. And seeing as how Air Force lost to 150th-ranked Army, I think I'm safe putting Boise State here.

No. 3: Fresno State


For what it's worth, Hawaii outscored Fresno State 7-3 in the second half of Fresno's 45-10 win. (It's worth nothing, btw.)

No. 4: Air Force


Air Force's one conference loss? To UNLV. Yes, that UNLV.

The Mountain West Game of the Century of the Week is most definitely Air Force versus San Diego State, but I have no idea what kind of Falcon team to expect.

No. 5: Nevada


There are four one-loss teams in conference play, and Nevada is not one of them. Go figure.

No. 6: UNLV


I feel wrong putting UNLV here, but they are fresh off a 35-7 win over New Mexico, and they may not be as bad as their record indicates. And yes, Bobby Hauck may feel free to use that last sentence in his performance review at the end of the year.

No. 7: New Mexico


New Mexico 7, UNLV 35. ????

No. 8: Wyoming


While America was busy watching relevant teams on Saturday, Wyoming and Colorado State were staging their epic border war, won by the Cowboys 45-31. If you're only going to win two games all year, it's good to get a bronze boot out of one of them.

No. 9: Colorado State


No. 10: Hawaii


A living, breathing get-well-soon card.

By the way ...

The BlogPoll final rankings for the week are up, and do actually include my Mole People Top 25 that I submitted yesterday. The Internet will post anything, won't it?