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Three stars and one goat from Boise State's loss to San Diego State

Naming Three Stars is a hockey tradition that over the past few years has become a Bronco tradition. More info here if you are interested.

Otto Kitsinger III

Well that was pretty suckish. The Broncos dropped a second game on the season to an underwhelming, yet overwhelming San Diego State Aztec team. For the second time in as many years, the Broncos lost on the blue. And for the second time this season, the collective hearts of Bronco Nation went into deep mourning. I apologize in advance for the shortness, and overall level of sass with which this article is written. On to the "stars".

Star No. 3: Matt Miller

Matt Miller continued to be Matt Miller on Saturday vs the Aztecs. He came up big, just as you expect the leading receiver to do. Unfortunately, Miller's heroics weren't quite enough, as the Aztec defense continued to rush Joe on just about every throw.

6 REC., 72 YDS., 12.0 AVG., 20 LNG.,

Miller came up big on a fourth down conversion, drawing a questionable hit from an overzealous Aztec defender. In the end, everything else pretty much sucked. Too bad. Congrats on being Star No. 3, Matt.

Star No. 2: Dan Paul

It's about time Dan Paul gets some credit. He's an absolute beast. If you haven't seen the Boise State Mid-Season Hype Video, check it out here, and watch for the multiple occasions of the Danimal blowing up would-be blockers.

Although Paul's numbers haven't been huge, and Saturday was no different, his contribution can't truly be measured (mostly cause he breaks everything we try to measure with).

1 REC., 1 YD., 1 TD., 100% DANIMAL.

Dan has been blowing up defenders all season long, and I'm glad everyone else finally played crappy enough that I could really highlight Dan's awesomeness. Congrats on being Star No. 2.

Star No. 1: Adam Dingwell/Muema

The two Adam stars of the San Diego State offense basically did as they pleased on Saturday night. I don't really want to talk about it to be quite honest. Their numbers are as follows:

Adam Dingwell, QB

12 CMP., 18 ATT., 66% CMP.%.

Adam Muema, RB

25 CARR., 127 RUSH., 5.1 AVG., 1 TD.

Although the numbers weren't exactly stellar, they were better than anyone on our roster, and one of the reasons behind Saturday's loss. Congrats you cute, same-name duo, on being Star No.1 of the win.

The Goat: Special Teams, Robert Prince, Injured Players, Suspended Players, and everything else I'm mad about

I can have as many goats as I want. And there were a lot of goats on Saturday. From Special Teams being the cause of two thirds of the Aztec points, to BSU basically throwing away the playbook and winging it. Players being injured and players being suspended. I hope it was worth it, Hightower.

It's hard to fully put all of my negative thoughts into one specific person or action, because the entire thing seemed just supernaturally suckish. From the very first play, a TD on the kickoff, the game just didn't feel right. The crowd was loud, but didn't seem as into it as normal. And fans were leaving with 3:00 minutes left on the clock, and the Broncos down by only two, at home, with enough time left to possibly win the game on a field goal (far-fetched, I know).

Fans on Twitter were calling for Prince's head, and I put out a call to Kellen Moore's Facebook page for his return. By the way, Trevor Harman, why don't you just hand them the ball next time and save me the blood pressure spike.

Here's to hoping it gets a lot better.

Your Turn

Who were your stars (good luck) and who was your goat(s). Was I too tough on the goats? Yeah, I knew I probably was. But I'm pretty mad still. Sound off in the comments, Bronco Nation!