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The top five plays from Boise State's loss to San Diego State

Otto Kitsinger III

1. Colin Lockett's 100-yard kickoff return touchdown.

Perhaps Boise State's best area of football this season was kickoff coverage, which made Lockett's opening score all that much more shocking. Not only was it a surprise, but it was an absolutely huge seven points in a game where points did not come easy for either team. That's basically a free touchdown, and one that I thought the Broncos would never give up this year.

2. Adam Dingwell's third-and-13 completion to Gavin Escobar

Boise State had SDSU stopped on their final drive with a seemingly impossible third-and-long with plenty of time left to march for the winning score (a score that could have been a field goal, so maybe it is a good thing none of us had to experience that). Then Jeremy Ioane lost Escobar in coverage, and the Aztecs had the largest conversion of the game and probably their season and maybe the Rocky Long era.

3. Boise State fourth down conversion, pick 'em

The Broncos had to convert a fourth down on each of their touchdown drives, which shows you just how hard it was for BSU to move the ball against the Aztecs. The best conversion for my money was Southwick's pass to Matt Miller on fourth and 15 in the fourth quarter. It was his best pass of the game and a studly play by Boise State's best wideout.

4. San Diego State blocked punt

There was some flukiness to the Aztecs' block and some unfortunate inattention by Trevor Harman to kick it into the one player who was within 20 yards of him. But what a huge play. The block followed an opening second-half-drive interception by Southwick, getting the Broncos off to a horrid start out of the lockerroom and setting the tone for the rest of the game. San Diego State scored two plays later and then had 14 points on drives totaling eight yards of offense.

5. Walter Kazee's one-yard touchdown run(?) on fourth and goal

Did Kazee break the plane of the end zone? That's for the linesman to know and us to always wonder about. His call was suspiciously late, and whatever he chose was going to be final say because TV angles showed nothing conclusive either way and the play was just that close.

I don't believe this play was nearly as big as others because I didn't have much faith in the Broncos moving the ball off the one-yard-line, and Boise State needed to score on its next drive because who knew how much time would be left the next time they did, given how SDSU was eating clock. Still.