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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest: Eliminator picks for Week Fourteen -- The tiebreaker

We have reached Week 14 in this college football season and our last week in the Eliminator challenge. Amazingly we have eight people left with unblemished records.

Last week saw the demise of bronconationeast and Yamani_luvbsu. Bronconationeast was forced into picking UNLV and we all know how UNLV has fared for for OBNUG pickers this year. Yamani_lubbsu picked Washington in what looked to be a solid win, but Washington State and the Leach mojo overcame Justin Wilcox's defense en route the upset.

Remaining players

That leaves seven perfect people, and here they are:

  • wrrolling
  • BleedBlue
  • Majormike53
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • LoneSausages
  • well versed

We're going to implement a tiebreaker this week. Read on for the details.

The Tiebreaker

We had originally intended for this contest to last through this week as well, but one player, Jennifer Nguyen, does not have any teams left this week playing. Three of you have thought ahead and saved Oregon State for this week in what looks to be a sure win against Nicholls State. The other three of you have Hawaii and/or TCU left.

This week, we are instead going to designate six games for the eight remaining players to pick. Those games are below. In order to be fair to those who have thought ahead and left teams available to be picked, you will be able to pick one of those games in addition for an extra point.

Whoever has the most correct picks will be the winner of the contest. If we have a tie after this week, we will be doing a pick the score of the Army-Navy game next week. To be clear, Jennifer Nguyen can get a maximum of 6 points this week. The other seven players will be able to score a maximum of 7 points.

The games

Below is the list of games. You will pick every game below and each team is available to be picked. E-mail your picks directly to me at

  • (20) Boise State at Nevada
  • (11) Oklahoma at TCU
  • (16) UCLA at (8) Stanford
  • (2) Alabama vs. (3) Georgia
  • (21) Northern Illinois vs. (17) Kent State
  • (18) Texas at (6) Kansas State