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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-29-12


Boise State knocks off no. 11 Creighton 83-70

Derrik Marks led the team with 35 points as Boise State went into Omaha and knocked off the highest ranked team in their history. They led for pretty much the whole game only trailing in the first minute. Leon Rice has done a remarkable job in his third year turning this team around. Boise State is in Seattle on Sunday for their next game against Seattle. Their next home game is Friday, December 14th, against LSU.

Coverage map for Nevada - Boise Sate game released

Everyone west of the Mississippi will be able to see the game. For those of us that are east, you can still watch the game on ESPN3 which is better than nothing. I guess overall this is better for Boise State than being relegated to CBS Sports Network.

Barry Tramel makes the case for the Big 12 to add Boise State and BYU

It's an interesting take and seems reasonable if you look at the long term approach. Boise State and BYU are the biggest brands left in the west, but the Big 12 knows that Pac 12 isn't interested so they can take their time. I guess it's something to hope for down the road and might be Boise State's best opportunity to get some conference stability.

Titus Young returns to Lions practice

Titus had been sent home and told to stay away from the team 9 days ago after selfish behavior in the Green Bay game. He was inactive for the Texans game on Thanksgiving and coach Jim Schwartz was non committal on his return to the team but made a surprise appearance yesterday. Hopefully Young gets his head on straight.

Boise State unveils new logo

This was from two days ago, but I missed it yesterday in all the conference realignment hullabaloo. Boise State unveiled a new logo to replace the weird diamond thing. It's a single "B" with some forward leaning styling thanks to Nike. I think it's growing on me so far. I really like the idea of trying to simplify Boise State's brand and if they can create an iconic "B", that will go a long way in selling merchandise.