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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-28-12

Andy Lyons

Louisville is going to the ACC

A lot happened yesterday in the landscape of college football and you have to wonder what Bob Kustra and Mark Coyle are talking about this morning. Let's recap:

In what seemed like a joke yesterday morning, reports started surfacing that Tulane was going to the Big East. This was not in fact a joke and Big East commissioner Mike Aresco upped the ante by announcing that East Carolina was also coming.

After all this settled for a few hours, Bob Kustra released a statement praising the news and saying that Boise State was committed as ever to joining the Big East. However, last night the dominoes kept falling and although it looked like Louisville was going to be left out in the cold with the Big East, the ACC relented and invited the Cardinals this morning.

So, where does this leave Boise State? The new Big East is going to consist of three original Big East members and a bunch of former CUSA members. The MWC certainly looks like a stronger football conference now, however the TV situation is horrendous and will be locked into place for two more years. The Big East still has a chance to get a better TV deal. Does Boise State continue with the move for two years before bolting back to the MWC? Could they do something truly revolutionary and create a new conference with current MWC members but negotiate a new TV deal and get a new commissioner and deal with not having an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament in the short term? I think anything has to be on the table at this point.

Chris Petersen's former college coach hopes Coach Pete ends up at Cal

That's as much as I can glean from this article where Petersen's former coach Jim Sochor expresses his feelings. I don't get the indication that Sochor and Petersen talk that much and Sochor basically just says that all the conference realignment stuff and a new AD could have changed Coach Pete's mind. I don't know about you guys, but I place more stock in what Coach Pete said at his press conference this week.