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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-26-12

Otto Kitsinger III

Boise State only rises two spots to no. 20 in the BCS

This is despite the seven teams directly above Boise State suffering losses this previous week. Michigan, Texas, UCLA and Oregon State all managed to stay above the Broncos even though they have three or more losses. Couple that with Kent State jumping Boise State to no. 17 and it looks like Boise State's fleeting BCS hopes are over this year.

Boise State-Nevada to air at 1:30 MST on ABC

It will be a regional game that is split with Cincinnati-UCONN with the breakdown being announced on Wednesday. If you live in a region that will not get the Boise State game, it will be available on ESPN3.

Track the head coaching hiring and firing here

SB Nation has setup a special page to show all jobs that have opened up in college football. Hopefully any mention of a Boise State coach stays off this list but at least you now have a place to see if Idaho has found anyone willing to take their job yet.