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Who wants a Washington - Boise State Vegas Bowl? The people who run the Vegas Bowl

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Boise State's bowl plans seem to be narrowed down to a pair of reasonable options and one boundlessly optimistic yet quite improbable one. The improbable bowl is a BCS bowl, which the Broncos figured to be able to crash except that the BCS formula hates them (the formula has its reasons).

The reasonable options are the Vegas Bowl and the Hawaii Bowl - one against a decent opponent and the other in paradise.

The Vegas Bowl would like very much to have the Broncos, but it also wouldn't mind at all to have the Washington Huskies. That would turn next year's season opener of Boise State at Washington into a rematch of a pre-Christmas bowl game. Not sure anyone wants that, other than Vegas Bowl organizers who couldn't care less about next season's schedule.

What would you rather have if you were in charge of Boise State's fate?

A prematch (opposite of rematch) against Washington in the Vegas Bowl?

A throwback to WAC times versus San Jose State in the Hawaii Bowl?

Filling a vacant Military Bowl spot?

A perfect world would obviously include a BCS bowl against a team that would not expose the Broncos as much worse than they were in previous wishful BCS years.

A slightly less perfect world would have Boise State in the Vegas Bowl against Arizona or Oregon State or - heart be still! - USC. Those possibilities could still happen, but for the time being, you might want to wrap your mind around Huskies vs. Broncos, whether you want that or not.