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Where Boise State stands in this week's Mountain West power poll

How does Boise State stack up in Week 13 of their final season in the Mountain West? Trick question. This might not be their final season in the Mountain West. The cake is a lie!

No. 1: Boise State


How do you rank three teams all with one conference loss and all having gone splitsies with each other? I took the homer road, putting the Broncos on top due to their great play the past two weeks and because I am in love with them. Don't get me wrong. I felt guilty putting them a full two spots above a team that beat them at home just three weeks ago. But then I found 30 Rock reruns on Netflix and forgot all about whatever it was I was feeling guilty for doing.

No. 2: Fresno State


The Bulldogs looked explosive in their win over Nevada two weekends ago, which is kind of par for the course lately for Nevada opponents.

No. 3: San Diego State


No. 4: Nevada


Who had Nevada finishing out of the top three in the conference this preseason? I mean besides people like me who despise Nevada.

No. 5: Air Force


The Falcons got bowl eligible, making the Independence Bowl copywriter's job a whole lot easier (independence = freedom = military).

No. 6: Wyoming


After losing by 31 to the Broncos, Wyoming has rattled off three straight wins over three of the four worst teams in the conference. Next up: San Diego State, and a return to that simpler time when Wyoming lost games by fists full of touchdowns.

No. 8: Colorado State


The Rams have wins over UNLV and Hawaii on their resume and have a chance to go 3-0 against MW cupcakes with a game against New Mexico this weekend. Kind of makes going 0-fer-everyone-else-but-Colorado feel not so bad.

No. 7: UNLV


No. 9: New Mexico


Remember when we were going to give Bob Davie the coach of the year award? Man were we crazy.

No. 10: Hawaii


Take heart! South Alabama is still on the schedule.

By the way ...

The BlogPoll final rankings for the week are up, and Boise State finds itself at No. 25, rising four spots from last week. Do you think my voting them No. 3 overall had any effect?