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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-20-12

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Patrick McDermott

Maryland defects from ACC to Big Ten, Rutgers expected to follow today

Well yesterday I mentioned this as a rumor and said it was highly unlikely. Today it is no longer a rumor and it looks like the landscape of college sports is shifting again. Maryland announced yesterday and Rutgers is expected to announce today. With Rutgers leaving and the announcement of the top champion out of the "group of five" getting an "access" bowl bid, does it make sense for Boise State and San Diego State to continue to go to the Big East? They're at least thinking about it according to Brett McMurphy and Craig Thompson is giving his best shot. Of course both San Diego State and Boise State were quick to issue statements to the contrary. Which as long as the TV money is better than the MWC, it's probably the right decision.

DT commit Nick Terry talks about his commitment

Terry spoke with Chadd Cripe about how much he liked Boise State and its defense. He mentioned Boise State's lack of DT depth next year that will allow him to compete for a playing time. He also told Cripe that he liked that fans knew his name when he was on his visit. Congrats everyone for nicely straddling that line and not veering into overly creepy because everyone knows too much about him!