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Boise State to the Mountain West! Which one is that again?

Otto Kitsinger III

Who's ready for more conference realignment? No one? Too bad!

Maryland is going to the Big Ten; Rutgers, too. The Big East might have four teams left by the time you finish reading this sentence (and two of them will be Memphis and Temple). And to top it all off, Boise State might go back to the Mountain West.

I was asked yesterday by a friend to place odds on Boise State returning to the MW now that another round of conference realignment has begun. I went with 50-50 odds because that seemed to be a fair estimate that showed I have no idea what's going on anymore. The Broncos have stayed steadfast in their commitment to the Big East because of access to big bowls and coveted TV money. Well, access in the Big East will soon be no different than the Mountain West, and TV networks may not be willing to shill out much money for Big East Games of the Week featuring SMU and Central Florida.

Throw in the fact that the new Mountain West could have fellow reneger San Diego State and former indy BYU, and I would really be fine no matter which way the Broncos choose. Just please get it over with. For good this time.

How about you?

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