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Boise State could rejoin Mountain West

With the Big East on the same standing in terms of playoff access with the Mountain West, BSU and SDSU may defect back to the MWC.

Otto Kitsinger III

The end of the athletic year was supposed to see the Boise State Broncos and San Diego State Aztecs joining the Big East for football. But Rutgers University's expected departure for the Big Ten, and the possibility the Big East could be poached by the ACC for one more school -- likely Louisville or Connecticut -- could shake up the conference. If the moves go through, Boise State and SDSU are thinking about heading back to the Mountain West, with BYU coming with them.

One of the primary reasons the Broncos and Aztecs moved to the Big East for football was the increase in television revenue. But now the Mountain West and Big East would be on equal footing for the playoffs because of the BCS' decision to grant an automatic berth to the highest ranked champion from the "Group of Five" conferences. Additionally, the Big East could be losing TV revenue with the departure of Rutgers and Louisville or Connecticut, meaning it may make more financial sense for Boise State and SDSU to remain in the Mountain West.

BYU could also be interested in a move back to the Mountain West. As an independent in football, the Cougars must finish in the top 10-12 teams to be considered for a BCS bowl, but a move back to the MWC could increase their bowl access. Though at this time, it is unclear if BYU would be allowed out of its eight-year contract signed with ESPN that runs through 2018.

The Mountain West added the San Jose State Spartans and Utah State Aggies to replace BSU and SDSU, but purposefully kept their membership at 10 in case Boise State and SDSU ever decided to return.

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