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Which one of these potential Boise State bowl opponents do you want?

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With BCS hopes long gone and New Mexico Bowl fears very real, the Broncos enter the pre-bowl season with a couple of somewhat familiar options. Boise State will probably play in the Vegas Bowl if they beat Nevada in two weeks. The Broncos will probably play a Pac-12 team (and one that is much more interested and focused than Arizona State).

The Vegas Bowl gets the fifth pick from the Pac-12, and the conference figures to be deep enough that even five teams in will provide a fun opponent. Here are the options.


The Trojans are 7-4 with one game remaining versus Notre Dame. Minus Matt Barkley who is out next week with an injury, USC is a less attractive option for the Vegas compared to some other Pac-12 teams. Still, Boise State beating USC? I want to go to there.


The Wildcats are Jerry Palm's pick for the Vegas Bowl, and this matchup would be a fun test for the Bronco defense against Rich Rodriquez's spread offense. Could it be the beginning of a beautiful non-conference relationship (i.e., home-and-homes)?

Arizona State

A repeat of last year's laugher? No thanks.


A preview of next year's season opener? I can wait, thanks.