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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-16-12


Big East commissioner Mike Aresco gives an update on TV negotiations

He states that it is early in the talks but that they are still talking with ESPN as well as other networks and even some unconventional routes including a digital network. I think that could be a really great idea as that is really the future of college sports. How many people are still tied to a cable subscription just for sports? He also touched on some other issues for the Big East that are really interesting.

Holden Huff showing his potential

Huff kind of had a breakout game against Hawaii with a season high 4 catches for 47 yards and his first TD. Part of that was a leaping 24 yard grab in traffic which he maintained control of despite a hit. Coach Pete talks about how Huff has progressed in his blocking as well. Huff has really stepped up with starter Gabe Linehan sidelined with an injury.

Nevada will accept bowl bid even if they end with a 5 game slide

I guess I don't blame them. If a 6-7 UCLA team gets to go to a bowl game, then why should Nevada go if they qualify? If Nevada loses to New Mexico and Boise State, they will finish 6-6. If the system wants to award mediocrity, then I see no reason that Nevada shouldn't accept that award.