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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-13-12

Otto Kitsinger III

Details emerge for new playoff plan and they aren't that bad!

Brett McMurphy has the report on the new bowl structure and everyone seems to agree that it is pretty favorable for the Big East. The Big East is seen differently than the other AQ conferences and has been lumped into a group with the Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt, and MAC creatively referred to the "group of five." The highest ranked champion out of this group of five will get a spot in the Access bowls. This is widely being seen as a win for the Big East and the rest of the group of five as it still gives them access.

Big East to approve divisions today

Brett McMurphy was on fire yesterday. he reports that the Big East is expected to announce two divisions, one for the west and one for the east. Boise State would be in the west division with San Diego State, Houston, SMU, Memphis, and Temple! Sucks to be Temple. The east division will have Louisville, Cincinnati, UCONN, Central Florida, South Florida and Rutgers. These divisions will likely only be in place until the Big East can get to 14 teams with Navy and a team to be named later.

Suspensions and injuries have hurt kickoff coverage

Boise State has lost four starters off the kickoff team. We've seen how that has affected coverage in the last two games. Long snapper Chris Roberson is back this week from his suspension at least. Coach Pete did announce that Gabe Linehan will not return this year however. He is hopeful that Mitch Burroughs could return for the Nevada game though.