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Game Balls vs. Hawai'i Warriors

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Who deserved a game ball for their performance in the shellacking of the Hawaii Warriors? Read on to find out.

Sorry for the delay in getting this post to the press. And happy belated Veterans Day to all you hero's out there. Seriously.

Boise State just curb-stomped a former WAC foe 49-14. It may have felt a little weird. Hawai'i no longer runs the run-and-shoot offense. Their quarterback isn't throwing record-setting interceptions against us. Things just aren't like they used to be. Except for the Boise State is winning part. We are still beating these guys. The boys in blue and orange played well in the aloha state. Here are those who earned game balls this week.

Aaron Burks


He's legit. We all knew that, right? He just hasn't had that great game where he showcased all his skills. Until now, Burks was more known for his excellent hands during spring or fall scrimmage games. He made catch after catch and then seemed to not show up during actual games. In Hawai'i, he showed up. He ended the game with 5 catches for 100+ yards and a big-play touchdown.

Joe Southwick


I don't know why I like Joe Southwick, but I do. It seems he is the scape-goat for the "awful 2-loss season ." Maybe it's that underdog mentality everyone-is-a-doubter-mentality that I like, maybe it's the 3 touchdowns...200+ yards, multiple dropped deep balls. Shoulda had a 300-burger. Oh well. Some of us know it's not "all" his fault. He's a pretty good quarterback, he played well against a poor Hawai'i team. Get this kid a game ball.

Holden Huff


Boise State hasn't used tight ends much this year. Until now. He had 4 catches for 47 yards and a gorgeous touchdown. Pehea oe? With Gabe Linehan out, Huff has taken over the tight end receiving role. That's what's up. He was a great option for Southwick in this game, hopefully that can continue in the future.

Donte Deayon


Does anyone know what 2:00 p.m. Hawaii Aleution time is in the Eastern Time Zone? It's Prime Time, baby. Donte acted like it was his time. Neon Deayon (too many comparisons?) took Hawaii into the 7th circle of the inferno. In just his second game playing as a Bronco, the Fontana, California ferblungen was all-over-the-place! He not only led the team in tackles but also had an interception in his first away game. "You don't go from a Yugo to a Benz, back to a Yugo, " if you know what I'm saying. Donte is here to stay.

Demarcus Lawrence


Fat-guy-touchdowns don't count if you're as physically fit as this guy. Was anyone else a tad upset that he swiped the ball before Darren Koontz could scoop and score? Ok, not me either. Lawrence has been playing lights out this year, and he got his reward versus the Warriors. I'm officially to the point where I want him to start playing a little more mediocre so that he stays in Boise more than just next year. But he's been great. Possibly the best Juco transfer ever to come to Boise?!? Too soon?


Who did I miss? Should I have given a game ball to the Bronco defense as a whole, who made big hits on almost every play? Should Jay Ajayi have received one for his ability again above average yards per carry and touchdown? Let everyone know your thoughts in the comments.