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This week's Boise State bowl projection: Vegas, baby. Vegas.

Ethan Miller

After ten weeks of football, it's a bit strange to not find the Broncos embroiled in a BCS controversy, but playing god-awful special teams and offense against a game San Diego State squad will do that to you. Now the Broncos need to focus on winning out to secure what would probably be their best bet at this point...

Boise State's most likely bowl scenario

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State versus the Pac-12 #5


Bsulogosmall_medium Uscfootballsmall_medium

Bsulogosmall_medium Stanfordlogosmall_medium

At this point, this is the best the Broncos could hope for. The Maaco Las Vegas Bowl has been kind to us the last two years with dominant wins over Utah and Arizona State and fans seem to enjoy traveling to Sin City to hit up the slots and buffet lines when the Broncos aren't doing their thing at Sam Boy Stadium.

Here's the deal, though. Boise State likely needs to win out to make this one a reality. The slot is held for the MWC champ and if Boise State loses in the next two weeks, that champ will be Fresno State or San Diego State. The Broncos win out, and I think their better overall record coupled with the friendly relationship we've built with the bowl the last two years will win the day...then we have to cross our fingers that Washington isn't the P12 #5—not because that wouldn't be an entertaining matchup...because we open the season against the Huskies next year. Not super pumped about an 8-month rubber match. Another, admittedly unlikely Vegas opponent could be USC—a matchup I wouldn't hold my breath for, but one that could take place if the right pieces fall into place. That one would be fun to see Boise State roll out their new 4-0-7 defense with 4 men blitzing up front and 7 men dropping into coverage of Marqise Lee. Lastly, in a scenario just floated by SI's Stewart Mandel this morning—the Broncos could land in the Vegas Bowl to play the Stanford Anthropomorphic Trees. This matchup would be pretty sweet, albeit a year late on being epic.

Other scenarios

Poinsettia Bowl - Boise State versus BYU

Bsulogosmall_medium Byulogosmall_medium

If Boise State wins out and the Vegas Bowl has grown tired of having to clean blue and orange confetti out of Sam Boyd Stadium, the Broncos could conceivably land in the bowl slated for the MWC #2. The climate in San Diego is a welcome change come December, but the bowl opponent would likely be one that the Broncos aren't eager to play again—BYU. Sure, the September matchup was exciting and Riley Nelson could certainly help pad our turnover stats, but outside the fun San Diego locale, I don't think anyone wants to see this one take place...except maybe San Diego natives like Mike Coughlin or Jamar Taylor. Would a San Diego-based bowl be over the moon about choosing SDSU? Probably. Would SDSU be happy about staying home for a bowl game? No idea.

New Mexico Bowl - Boise State versus Pac-12 #7

Bsulogosmall_medium Washingtonlogosmall_medium

Bsulogosmall_medium Arizona-logo_medium

That's right...the Broncos could be on a collision course with Washington in two different bowls. I don't like it any more than you do...but that's why you don't give up 100-yard kickoff returns, punt blocks and 4th quarter 3rd-and-13s. Do I sound bitter? Boise State, if they end up New Mexico-bound, could also find themselves playing Arizona or maybe another Pac-12 invitee, but I'm not going to jinx us into this bowl game by doing a lot of research. Do not want.

Armed Forces Bowl - Boise State versus the third choice from Conference USA

Bsulogosmall_medium Eculogo_medium

Bsulogosmall_medium Uhlogosmall_medium

Conceivably, this could happen. Thankfully, it probably won't. As much as I'd like revenge for the 2007 Hawaii Bowl, I'm not sure a Chris Johnson-less ECU squad would fill a lot of seats on the charter bus to Fort Worth. Furthermore, a Big East sneak preview game against Houston doesn't exactly send a thrill up my leg. None of our bowl scenarios are incredible, but 11 straight bowl appearances is still something to hang your hat on.

BCS Standings

Here's a little salt in your wounds.


That's right, 6-4 Washington is in the BCS top-25 despite not being ranked at all in the one human poll that factors into the BCS computations (Boise State is 22nd). I suppose we could be happy that Louisville's fail might've helped ex-conference mate Louisiana Tech's chances of crashing the party this year...but after all the snubs the Broncos have received over the last few years, I probably wouldn't lose much sleep if the Bulldogs were left on the outside looking in. Yes, that is incredibly petty. I don't care.

The BCS bowls, if the season ended today

If the season ended today, Boise State would not be in a BCS bowl, but hey...when it ends in a few weeks, we still won't be!

  • BCS national championship game = Oregon vs. Kansas State
  • Rose Bowl = Notre Dame vs. Nebraska
  • Sugar Bowl =Alabama vs. Clemson
  • Fiesta Bowl = Oklahoma vs. LSU
  • Orange Bowl = Florida State vs. Louisville

Your turn

Where do you want Boise State to end up this bowl season? Where do you not want them to end up? Do you even care anymore? We've tasted the sweet honey of the BCS and nothing else is ever good enough, amirite?