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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-12-12


Aaron Burks and his big game

Burks has shown potential for a long time with his long frame and speed, but has yet to put it all together in one game. Finally that happened Saturday in Hawaii when Burks scored his first touchdown on a 46 yard pass from Southwick and finished the day with 107 yards. Hopefully this continues for Burks and he can carry it on to his senior season.

More details about new "playoff" system emerge

Surprise, surprise! The new haves in college football is being called the "group of five" which consists of the SEC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac 12 and ACC and they will get the majority of the of the revenue share from the new system. They determined this based on past performance of conference members and not setting up a system to pay out based on future performance. Basically this is turning out to be BCS 2.0 which a 4 team playoff cobbled in all better designed to skirt antitrust laws. Can't wait until the inevitable "bracket creep" to start taking place!

Big East divisional format to be announced by Wednesday?

That's what associate Big East commissioner, Nick Carparelli, tweeted yesterday. I'm unclear of if that means 2013 schedules will be announced too.