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The top five plays from Boise State's win over Hawai'i

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1. Joe Southwick to Aaron Burks - 46 yard TD pass

The frequently criticized deep ball of Joe Southwick was on target (mostly) Saturday night against the Hawawi'i Warriors. Aaron Burks would again be Joe's target, after coming up with a tough pass the play earlier which he bobbled multiple times before securing the ball. It was a beautifully thrown ball which Burks caught in stride and ran in for a 46 yard touchdown. The score put the Broncos up 21-7 late in the first quarter and to many was the play in which we knew it was over.

2. Trevor Harman's fake punt

On 4th down and 3, Trevor Harman tucked the ball and ran for an easy 21 yards, giving the ball back to the offense which would eventually lead to another score. The conversion gave the Broncos the momentum they needed to put another 7 points on the board, and seal their victory with a 28 point lead going into halftime.

3. Jonathan Brown "sack/forced fumble", Demarcus Lawrence recovery for TD

Halfway through the third quarter, as BSU led by 28 points, the Hawai'i Warriors desperately needed to make something happen. Something did happen, but not what any Warrior fan/coach/player wanted. The Broncos had been bringing the pressure all day, and the Ukwuachu/Lawrence duo was obliterating the Warrior offensive line and QBs. The pressure this time came from backup linebacker Jonathan Brown. The pressure was felt by Hawai'i QB Sean Schroeder, and he took a giant hit as he pulled back his arm just a few seconds too late. The fumble was recovered by DE Demarcus Lawrence and run in for an easy 6 points.

4. True Freshman Donte Deayon pass breakup and interception

With the injuries and suspensions currently plaguing the Broncos roster, it was time to burn some red shirts. The burnt shirt came from True Freshman CB Donte Deayon. Deayon got some great playing time Saturday that included some big, confidence-boosting plays. The first came on a big pass breakup that could have resulted in another Warrior TD. Reaching as high as he could, Deayon batted the ball down, helping the Bronco defense and eventually forcing another Warrior turnover. The second big Deayon play came late in the game as the True Freshman got his first pick as a collegiate athlete. It sure was great to see the teams reaction to this heads-up play. I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of Deayon in the future.

5. Jay Ajayi 13 yard TD run

Jay Ajayi will likely score about 3,000 touchdowns during his career as a Bronco. The one-two punch of Ajayi/Fields in the next few years is going to be a thing of beauty. Ajayi racked up another 54 yards and 1 TD on the season against the Warriors. The score came on a 13 yard run early in the first quarter. Nobody was getting in front of Ajayi on that run. He picked up steam running straight through the line, and went untouched until he crossed the goal line. This scored helped the Broncos build an early and devastating lead that the Warriors simply couldn't fight back from.