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The Bronco Fans' Week 10 Rooting Guide

"I see your back, Petersen."
"I see your back, Petersen."
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

A word on Boise States' BCS bowl chances

This guide will focus on cheering for the demise of the top-ranked Big Ten teams trailing Boise State in the standings (at least until the Big East or ACC leaders fall as well). Nebraska is ranked #20 right behind Boise State. But Nebraska may not even be a threat to Boise State if they jump us. The real condition for Boise State belonging in a BCS bowl is that it needs to be ranked #16 or higher and ahead of the Big Ten champion. So, firstly, Nebraska has to win their conference in order to be a threat to Boise State. Theoretically, if Indiana defeats Wisconsin this weekend and represents the Leaders division in the Big Ten championship game, then defeats Nebraska who is ranked higher than Boise State, Boise State has no need to worry about a Big Ten champion.

However, if Nebraska or another Big Ten jumps Boise State and loses any games, they'll likely be ranked behind us anyway. So, even though the point is moot, the principle may be needed if we continue seeing Big Ten teams jumps Boise State. The same thing could happen in the ACC as well.

Week 10 TV schedule


  • Boise State's opponents need to win to boost both national perception and strength of schedule.
  • Teams ranked ahead of Boise State need to lose. Therefore, we'll mostly be cheering for any team these ranked teams are playing.
  • Because out of conference football games are scheduled years in advance, it is important to track how well our future opponents and remaining Big East members do.
  • Anyone who plays Idaho.

Games of the Week

20 Nebraska @ 46 Michigan State - 1:30pm on ABC/ESPN2

Who to cheer for: Michigan State

Believe it or not, 4-loss Michigan State is receiving votes in the BCS standings! They received 1 vote in the Coaches Poll (Chris Petersen?) which landed them 2 ten-thousandths. Not only would Michigan State help our abysmal schedule strength, but it would also knock down the current leading Big Ten BCS candidate. Killing 3 birds with one stone. The only problem is resting our hopes on Michigan State -- who's hurt us in the past by not being more awesome against their schedule.

40 TCU @ 21 West Virginia - 1:00pm on FOX

Who to cheer for: TCU

This would be an awfully hard thing to do, but a West Virginia win against a (slightly) ranked TCU could easily jump them over Boise State. With TCU losing last week to Oklahoma State, they're safely behind us now.

23 Texas @ 18 Texas Tech - 1:30pm on ABC/ESPN2

Who to cheer for: Texas

Many people feel that Texas should not be ranked, so cheering for them may not feel right. However, Texas still has Kansas State on their schedule and Texas Tech has Kansas (not State). I have no doubt Colin Klein would dispose of the Longhorns easily it UT doesn't slip before then.

4 Oregon @ 17 USC - 5:00pm on FOX

Who to cheer for: Oregon

So many of us (me included) will never "cheer" for the Ducks. But getting USC out of the picture will move Boise State one step closer to BCS contention and a big bowl payout.

24 Oklahoma State @ 2 Kansas State - 6:00pm on ABC

Who to cheer for: Kansas State

This season is so strange. I've always wanted the underdog to beat the top 10 ranked team. But if Okie State were to defeat Kansas State, they'll leap Boise State in a second.

42 Arizona State @ 11 Oregon State - 8:30pm on ESPN2

Who to cheer for: Arizona State

I have this as my upset pick of the week (Cincy over Louisville didn't turn out too well). Oregon State continues to defy all odds by winning every week. This can only be good if they defeat the Ducks in the Civil War at the end of the year. Unfortunately, a Sun Devil win may not drop the Beavers behind Boise State in the rankings this week.

Boise States' "strength" of schedule

Cheer for teams in bold. All times are MT.

  • Miami (OH) @ Buffalo - 10:00am (local)
  • New Mexico @ UNLV - 2:00pm (local)
  • UAB @ Southern Miss - 5:30pm (local)
    Could this be the Golden Eagles first win of the season?
  • Hawaii @ Fresno State - 5:00pm (local)
  • Colorado State @ Wyoming - 2:30pm (local)
    So, Colorado State won a game! But they probably won't go two-in-a-row.
  • San Diego State @ 19 Boise State - 8:30pm on CBS Sports
  • Bye: BYU and Nevada

This week's games at a glance

(Full BCS rankings can be found at

Cheer for teams in bold. All times are MT.

Friday night game

  • 29 Washington @ California 7:00pm ESPN2
    With Washington ranked only 29th, there isn't any chance at having them jump Boise State with 4 losses. However, Washington was ranked by two voters in the Harris Poll and by all six computers. That's two more computers than Boise State! Also, there's nothing else to watch, right?

Saturday morning games

  • Missouri @ 7 Florida - 10:00am on ESPN2
  • Temple @ 10 Louisville - 10:00am on ABC (check regional coverage)
  • 12 Oklahoma @ 31 Iowa State - 10:00am on ABC (check regional coverage, Idaho will receive this game)
  • 16 Texas A&M @ 15 Mississippi State - 10:00am on ESPN
    You can really cheer for either team. But A&M plays Alabama next week. Mississippi State also only has 1-loss and may sneak past schizophrenic LSU next week as well.
  • 14 Stanford @ Colorado - 12:00pm on FX
    (P.S. This will not happen)

Saturday afternoon games

  • Pittsburgh @ 3 Notre Dame - 1:30pm on NBC
  • Ole Miss @ 6 Georgia - 1:30pm on CBS
  • UTSA @ 25 Louisiana Tech - 2:00pm on ESPN3
  • San Jose State @ 117 Idaho - 3:00pm on ESPN3

Saturday evening games

  • 13 Clemson @ Duke - 5:00pm on ESPN2
  • 1 Alabama @ 5 LSU - 6:00pm on CBS
    This may be more personal, so choose whomever to cheer for. However, the only two teams in my mind that deserve a chance at the MNC are Alabama and Kansas State to this point.
  • 22 Arizona @ UCLA - 8:30pm on PAC-12