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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 11-1-12

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Broncos ready for late start this Saturday

The 8:30 MST time start is CBS Sports Network's choice. Luckily we get an extra hour though this weekend! (Don't forget daylight savings time!) Predictably, the players love the it while Coach Pete just says it gives him extra time to worry. One thing though, with the late start and coming off Halloween, it seems like an oversight that they are not going to wearing the black uniforms tonight.

Is Boise State beatable this time? (spoiler: nope)

Kevan sat down with San Diego State blog AztecsKillingHim to answer some questions about the game on Saturday. And yes, the blog bet is back this week!

Boise State recruiting QB Colby Moore

There's just something comfortable knowing that Boise State is recruiting another QB named Moore. This Moore comes from Mineral Wells, Texas and he's set to visit Boise State this weekend.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to former player Antwon Murray as well as pseudo celebrity David Augusto!