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Power Ranking the Week...6

Ranking of the Top 5 (best) and Mop 5 (worst) in college football from a completely biased and mostly ignorant perspective.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images


Top 5




Alabama didn't play this last they are still undeafeated. And still the consensus favorite even though the best team they have faced is AP No. 25 Michigan. In other news, the Big 10 has only one bowl eligible team ranked (and no teams ranked in the coaches poll).

Kansas State


As long as K-State stays undefeated, they'll stay up here. But with away games the next two weeks against a dangerous Iowa State and a very good West Virginia, I wouldn't expect them to stay long. But so far, they have shown they belong.

West Virginia


Florida State did what Florida State does. They lost a football game against a team they should have beat and ruined their national title hopes. Meanwhile, West Virginia has been dominant in their first season in the Big 12. They just recorded their second win in as many weeks against a ranked Big 12 team, and they put up 118 points in those two games. If their defense can start playing soon, they may be able to do big things this year.

Notre Dame


Notre Dame currently has the No 2 ranked scoring defense in the country behind Alabama. They just beat a formidable Miami team and are now preparing for a game against a ranked Stanford this Saturday.



The Ducks lowest scoring output this year was the 42 they put up against Fresno State. They drubbed the Washington Huskies (and former Boise DC Justin Wilcox) this past weekend.


Mop 5


New Mexico State


They lost to Idaho. That is all.



The Razorbacks were bad and held this spot previously. Auburn just lost to that bad Arkansas and is now 1-4 on the season. The days of Cam Newton seem like forever ago.



It doesn't matter that they won, they are still terrible. They've got FBS newbie Texas State this week. Go Bobcats!



Tulane is 0-5 on the year. The average score? 42-9.



The all-defeated Minutemen lost to Western Michigan over the weekend, returning to their getting blown out ways (they kept it close against Ohio).




Is Alabama overrated? Do you cheer for Idaho because they are in the same state? I might, when they move to FCS...probably not though. Who do you think will be playing for the crystal ball this year? Alabama-Notre Dame? Gag. Who would you like to see (from teams who still have a chance)?