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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-9-12

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Mitch Burroughs "out for a while" with wrist injury

We don't have a definitive time table on how long he'll be out, but Coach Pete did confirm that it will be a while before he's back in the lineup. That means that Chris Potter will step up into the starting spot in the Z receiving slot and take over punt return duties. Not much of a downgrade if at all which is good, but sucks for Burroughs who is a senior this year.

Boise State steadily improving

That's Brian Murphy's take and I have to agree. Boise State is consistently getting better and addressing problems from previous games. Who knows what could happen with a 1 loss Boise State team at the end of the year?

SMQ's Mid Major round up

Louisiana Tech still has the inside track at a BCS game if they can knock off Texas A&M this weekend. Rocky Long is a little crazy which makes me happy that San Diego State is joining us in the Big East. Matt Hinton has Boise State as the 4th best mid major right now, behind La Tech, Ohio, and Nevada.