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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-5-12


Boise State lands in top 25 of AP, USA Today and Harris polls

It's good that Boise State is back to converting red zone opportunities and consequently back in the top 25 polls. Louisiana Tech and Ohio are going to be Boise State's biggest non AQ teams that they'll compete with for a BCS bid. Michigan is the highest Big Ten bowl eligible team ranked at only no. 24 in the AP poll, so that would mean that a non AQ team would only have to get to the top 16 to get a BCS bid if that holds true.

Boise State to address running game this week

They only had 109 yards against Southern Miss, lowest since Michigan State. In past weeks, Boise State has worked on red zone scoring and the running game and there has been immediate results the following week. Hopefully that happens again this week against Fresno State without dropping off in another area.

Derek Carr is excited to play Boise State

Carr mentions in this article that Boise State has been circled on his calendar for quite a while. Yes, we know, Derek. It seems like Fresno will be working on believing they can beat Boise State this week according to new coach Tim DeRuyter. I guess that is the first step in winning a game. Man, I miss Pat Hill.

Belated Birthdays

A couple of people shared a birthday yesterday including readers sczmbz and nothingveryclever plus player Robbie Lusk.