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College football scoreboard: The others

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The most interesting score of the weekend

Nevada 35, Wyoming 28 (OT)

How's this for weird: Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith led the Cowboys to 21 unanswered points and a one score lead in the fourth quarter before being ejected for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties - the first for taunting after the go-ahead score and the second for taking his helmet off three yards the sideline later in the fourth quarter. Without Smith, the Cowboys offense stalled in overtime, and Nevada backup Devin Combs - who entered for a back-spasming Cody Fajardo - threw for the tying score and the winning score.

Other scores

Fresno State 28, Colorado State 7

The Bulldogs' warmup to next Saturday's visit to Bronco Stadium went swimmingly with safety Phillip Thomas forcing two turnovers, Robbie Rouse running for 100 yards, and Derek Carr throwing four touchdowns. A well-played bye all around.

San Diego State 52, Hawaii 14

Hawaii is terrible, San Diego State is less terrible, hence this whopper of a final score.

Idaho 26, New Mexico State 18


Michigan State 31, Indiana 27

The Spartans overcame a 17-point deficit against the Hoosiers to keep some semblance of hope alive for Boise State's strength of schedule. Many thanks to Mark Dantonio for giving LeVeon Bell the ball 37 times.

New Mexico 35, Texas State 14

Speaking of strength of schedule, the Lobos are 3-3 and not nearly as bad as they usually are. For what it's worth, Nevada only beat Texas State by 13, and New Mexico beat them by 21. Conclusions to be drawn?

Your turn

What game did you find fascinating? Which scores stood out? Share your thoughts in the comments.