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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest: Eliminator picks for Week Six

After this week, we will be roughly half way through most team's schedules. That's kind of amazing to me. I feel like the season has just started and I still don't know who is good and who is not. Well, I do know that Idaho is bad, really really bad. So at least there are some things right with the world.

We're down to only 13 people remaining without a loss, down from 15 last week. Once we get around 10, I'll start to list them so we can give them a little extra attention. Kevan and I are not on that list. Drew is however.

I'm hoping to start a new winning streak this week, so I'm taking this to the bank:

Nevada over Wyoming

I really hope Nevada doesn't let me down this week.

ELIMINATOR: Come play games with us!

The Nevada offense has been clicking this year and they are off to a 4-1 start with their only loss being by 1 point to South Florida. I feel like they can keep it going this week at home against a not so good 1-4 Wyoming team. That one win for Wyoming was against overtime. So I'm feeling pretty good that they're pretty bad. Of course that's what I said about UNLV 2 week ago...

Nick was eliminated in Week Four

Previous Nick picks: Utah, TCU, Washington, Air Force, BYU



Fresno State over Colorado State

I was hoping to never pick Fresno State in this Eliminator game because I detest Fresno State and I find Derek Carr to be a giant nub, but the Bulldogs are practically begging me to take them. Every team on Colorado State's schedule is begging me at this point. Fresno can put points on the board, and the Rams cannot prevent people from putting points on the board. This one will be a laugher on the level of the Bulldogs versus regular Colorado, and even if my saying so just jinxed it, this game will at the very least be a Fresno win.

Ps. Did you know that Fresno is only favored by 16 points in this one? Derek Carr would have to throw five pick-sixes for Colorado State to keep it that close, so ... well ... yeah, maybe that line does make sense.

Kevan was eliminated in Week Two.

Previous Kevan picks: Air Force, UNLV, Washington State, Utah State, Nevada



Louisiana Tech over UNLV

Louisiana Tech actually looks really good this year and UNLV looks pretty bad. It's the perfect storm. La Tech could trot out Terry Bradshaw at QB for this one and still win by 30.

Previous Drew picks: Stanford, TCU, Oregon, Boise State, Fresno State


Wanna play?

The OBNUG Eliminator challenge is open to anyone and everyone who knows how to use a Google document or begs us really hard in the comments to use a Google document for them.

Enter your weekly pick into the Eliminator form.

One big rule: You can't pick the same team twice.

Additional rules are 1) don't cheat and screw with the spreadsheet, 2) make your picks before your game starts, 3) keep playing as long as you want after you pick wrong. All other rules are meaningless to the extent that I cannot remember them now.

Winner gets a free Deuce Brand watch.

Pick. Survive. Gloat. Enjoy.


We will be playing this for 14 weeks so we have selected a list of 20 teams to pick from. These include all Mountain West teams as well as a selection of regional teams and, for those who love making bad decisions, Idaho.

Boise State Air Force Fresno State Hawaii Nevada
New Mexico San Diego State UNLV Wyoming Idaho
TCU BYU Utah Louisiana Tech Utah State
Washington Washington State Oregon Oregon State Stanford

This Week's Games

There are a total of 18 teams to pick from this week.

  • Boise State at Southern Miss
  • Air Force vs. Navy
  • Fresno State at Colorado State
  • Hawaii at San Diego State
  • Nevada vs. Wyoming
  • San Diego State vs. Hawaii
  • UNLV at Louisiana Tech
  • Wyoming at Nevada
  • Idaho vs. New Mexico State
  • (15) TCU vs. Iowa State
  • BYU vs. Utah State
  • Utah vs. (13) USC
  • Louisiana Tech vs. UNLV
  • Utah State at BYU
  • (22) Washington at (2) Oregon
  • Washington State vs (14) Oregon State
  • (2) Oregon vs. (22) Washington
  • (14) Oregon State at Washington State
  • (18) Stanford vs. Arizona

See some winners there? Of course you do. Enter your pick in the spreadsheet and share your team du jour in the comments.