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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-31-12

Leon Halip

Rocky Long backtracks on criticism of The Blue

When Boise State joined the Mountain West two years ago, Long was the most outspoken critic of the blue turf saying that it was an unfair advantage and that Boise State should be forced to replace it. Now, this week, Long is backtracking saying it's not that big of a deal and that they even practiced on a local high school team's blue field this year (What school is that?). Probably a smart move for Long so that his players don't have it stuck in their heads before the first snap. But I can't wait for the first San Diego State vs. Boise State on the Blue in the Big East. You know Coach Pete will be busting out the all blue uniforms then!

Kevan's BlogPoll ballot continues to get attention

Ohio State still came in at no. 1 this week in the OBNUG poll, but at least Kevan's commitment in sticking to his methodology is getting some respect from Andy Hutchins. It's easy to point to to Kevan's interesting tiebreaker scenarios, but the real crux of the poll at this point is wins over FBS teams. That's why Ohio State is no. 1 and LSU is no. 18. I mean, LSU could have only gotten up to no. 14 at the highest because they only have 6 wins over FBS teams.

Nevada selling single game tickets to 12/1 game against Boise State

They range from $20 to $60 so grab one if you're planning on making the trip!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to current players Dextrell Simmons and Robert Ash today!