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San Diego State Players to Watch

For years, San Diego State has played in the shadows of in-state big brothers UCLA and USC. The Aztecs yearn to take their program to the next level and prove it can compete with their brethren up the 405. Meet four of San Diego's top players who have the ability to make an impact on Saturday's game and - with a victory - edge ever closer to their SoCal siblings.

Without further adieu, here are the four best players on San Diego State's team. Enjoy!


Offensive Weapons include two targets for 2nd-string QB Adam Dingwell to leverage. (1st String QB Ryan Katz is injured)




On the defensive side of the ball, San Diego State's star players play in the secondary. As usual, Joe must be careful in his decision-making.




As usual, here's hoping each team plays to its true potential, all players have fun, everyone treats each other with respect and good sportsmanship, all fans are well-behaved, no player on either side gets seriously injured, and of course... our Broncos end up with a victory!



Note: Every week, Boise State will face well-prepared athletes who want nothing more than to beat our Broncos. This weekly series examines the premier athletes from each team: players who could - in one play - determine the outcome of the game. Watching how well these impact players perform during the game may provide insight into which game plan Coach Pete is implementing and how well we are neutralizing their strengths. Hopefully, such knowledge increases your cheering pleasure. Go Broncos!