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Where Boise State stands in this week's polls

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The Broncos continued building momentum toward a BCS bowl by winning against Wyoming and watching several of their poll enemies lose. People hardly have any choice but to keep moving Boise State up at this point, and it's only going to get more obligatory. The three teams between the Broncos and No. 16 in the BCS - Texas Tech, USC, and Texas A&M - have remaining schedules that include Oregon, Notre Dame, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Mississippi State. No. 14 Stanford still has to play Oregon and Oregon State. Losses are imminent. So is Boise State's BCS qualification?

Boise State and the polls

Poll Rank Prev UP/DWN
BCS 19 21 ▲ 2
Coaches 14 18 ▲ 4
Harris 17 19 ▲ 2
AP 19 21 ▲ 2
Chadd Cripe 19 20 ▲ 1
Mike Prater 19 20 ▲ 1
Sagarin 32 29 ▼ 3
Billingsley 13 15 ▲ 2
Kenneth Massey 30 28 ▼ 2
Colley Matrix 22 22 --
Anderson Hester 23 24 ▲ 1
Wolfe 25 31 ▲ 6

This is what the polls are: BCS rankings (two humans and a compendium of computers), USA Today Coaches' Poll (college football coaches and interns of coaches), Harris Poll (somewhat important people somewhat associated with college football), AP Top 25 (media), Chadd Cripe (Idaho Statesman reporter), Mike Prater (Idaho Statesman sports editor), SB Nation Blogpoll (bloggers), Sagarin Ratings w/ ELO_CHESS (computer), Billingsley (computer), Kenneth Massey (computer), Colley Matrix (computer), Anderson and Hester (computer), and Peter Wolfe (computer).

Poll notes

Ira Schoffel of the Tallahassee Democrat has Boise State ranked No. 12 on his ballot. No. 12! This is ahead of teams like South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Oregon State. Ira has Kent State ranked No. 20 and one-loss Ohio at No. 25. I want to be inside his brain to see what kind of fantastical world exists in there. And I thought my poll was weird.

Weirder still is the poll of South Carolina newspaperman Josh Kendall who is currently leading in Poll Speak's polls for both good voter of the week and bad voter of the week. How does one accomplish the double-dip? Ranking Stanford No. 7, Georgia No. 10, Arizona No. 15, and Washington No. 18 is a fine way to do so. (Kendall has Boise State at No. 23.)

The list of AP voters who still refuse to rank Boise State is dwindling. There are only five wrong people left: Andy Staples, Austin Meek, Doug Lesmerises, Harold Gutmann, and John Adams.

The only computer polls to drop Boise State this week were Sagarin and Massey. Things should improve after this weekend, when Boise State plays San Diego State, ranked No. 66 and No. 67 in these polls, as opposed to Wyoming's No. 111 and No. 140 ranking.

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