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Boise State Game Balls vs. Wyoming

Check out which Boise players deserve game balls for their performances versus the Wyoming Cowboys.

Boise State played another solid game, this time playing in oxygen-depleted Wyoming on top of a frozen plateau. Boise is quietly becoming a darkhorse (perhaps literally with those black uniforms) BCS contender again this year, with the now #5 ranked scoring defense and an offense that has more weapons than it knows what to do with.In this game there were definitely too many Bronco players stepping up than I could possibly put on this list.

Game Ball for Offensive Performance: D.J. Harper


D.J. once again was consistent and carried the load. He finished the day with two touchdowns on 19 carries for 105 yards. He also had a couple of receptions for another 18 yards.

Game Ball for Changing the Pace: Shane Williams-Rhodes & Jay Ajayi

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Shane Williams-Rhodes lined up at running back multiple times in this game, something we haven't seen too much this year. After running for 46 yards on just three carries, I would guess we may see more of this. He also scored his first rushing touchdown.

Jay Ajayi had another solid performance, and keeps earning more and more reps in the Bronco backfield. Against Wyoming, he ran for 49 yards on just 8 carries and scored a touchdown on one of those. Did I mention he's averaging over 7 yards per carry this season?

Game Ball for Gangnam Style: Wyoming's Sonny Puletasi


What should one do when the South Korean musical phenomenon starts playing over the sound system while your coach is talking strategy? Dance. Here's the video. Oppan gang-namseutayil. He wins a game ball for maintaining a sense of humour even when losing to a conference foe. Don't know what gangnam style is? Get out of the cave.

Game Ball for Defensive Player of the Game: Corey Bell


Lots of defensive players played solidly on Saturday. Only one returned a fumble for a score. Corey Bell got quite a bit of playing time on Saturday, and I kept seeing him all over the field. The best play was the fumble return for a touchdown to put the score at 31-7, sealing the game early in the third.


Who did I miss? Should tackling machine J.C. Percy have been included (10 tackles and a sack)? Demarcus Lawrence had yet another sack. So did Beau Martin and Armand Nance. I thought Jeremy Ioane and Darian Thompson played outstanding. As did Jamar Taylor. Matt Miller once again played great, but didn't score a touchdown. Who else was deserving? Should a Wyoming player be ineligible? Let your thoughts be known in the comments.