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What we learned from Boise State's win over Wyoming

We learned that Boise State's depth on defense looks just fine ... against Wyoming.

The Broncos were without Lee Hightower, Bryan Douglas, and Dextrell Simmons for most of the game on Saturday, and aside from a handful of Brett Smith daring escapes, the Wyoming offense did nothing. Credit the Broncos' defensive depth for keeping on keeping on, but how will that depth look against an offense not ranked near the hundreds?

We'll learn more about the severity of the injuries and suspensions at Chris Petersen's press conference this afternoon (or will we?). Something tells me the defense will be just fine. That something? Boise State's remaining schedule - until the Nevada game. Maybe not "Destroyer of Worlds" fine, but fine nonetheless.

We learned that Joe Southwick might be good for one Bad Throw (capital letters) per week

Let's just hope he gets it out of the way early instead of waiting for crunch time.

We learned that teams probably shouldn't punt to Chris Potter

I cannot quantify why Potter is a dangerous return man (engendering lowered expectations from the opposing special teams?), but seeing him bob and weave through the Cowboy punt coverage team on Saturday reminded me that he is very good at what he does. So good, in fact, that teams are probably better off just turning the ball over on third down - something that teams may or may not be able to avoid as it is.

We learned not to worry about Wyoming weather until Wyoming plays football better

The freezing temperatures and howling wind and apocalyptic environs of Laramie mattered little in the game's outcome, so it might be high time to just stop worrying about what the weather will be like when the Broncos visit the Cowboys. And this, just in time for the Broncos to maybe never play the Cowboys again unless the Big East gets super needy for extra teams.

(On a related note, what kind of macho message was interim Wyoming coach Pete Kaligis trying to send by wearing a short sleeve shirt? And did he consider putting on a coat when his team was down 31 but decided he was too far committed to his motivational ploy?)

We learned the difficulties of defending a mobile quarterback

Wyoming's Brett Smith made several plays with his legs, scoring two touchdowns and escaping imminent doom on many other occasions. Good for him, because not too many other individuals have found success against Boise State's defense this season. Is this perhaps the Broncos' biggest kryptonite? If so, I hear those Nevada quarterbacks can move pretty well.