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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-29-12

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USA Today's Dan Wolken visits Boise State

Dan Wolken was on the scene in Laramie to see Boise State first hand. He writes about the strides that Southwick has made in the recent weeks and what it's been like for him to replace Kellen Moore. Wolken seemed to allude that Boise State fans turned vehemently on Southwick early and called for Patti. I know that some people questioned if he was the right pick, but I don't remember it getting that nasty around here. Hopefully even if we fans disagree with who is starting, we're still respectful to the players themselves.

Boise State moved up to no. 19 in the BCS

They move up in the BCS poll 2 spots to no. 19 with a bunch of losses on Saturday. However, Nebraska still looms behind Boise State at no. 20. If they win out, they'll likely jump Boise State. Maybe Michigan State can do us a favor and knock off the Cornhuskers this weekend in East Lansing. The other hope would be for Louisville to lose as they are the top ranked Big East team at the moment.

Lee Hightower could be out this week too

Hightower and tight end Hayden Plinke were suspended for the game against Wyoming for violating team rules. Asked in the post game if they would return this week against San Diego State, Coach Pete replied, "probably not." Hopefully he'll have an update this as well as the rash of injuries when he has his weekly press conference.

Idaho kicks starting QB Dominique Blackman off team

It just keeps getting worse for the Vandals. They announced yesterday that Blackman and linebacker Conrad Scheidt had been kicked off the team for violating team rules. The Spokesman-Review then reported it was due to multiple failed drug tests by both players. They also announced that tight end Taylor Elmo has been suspended for tweeting about Robb Akey's firing last week. Seemed he thought AD Rob Spear had made the move to save his own job.