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Final pregame thoughts on Boise State versus Wyoming

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Thought No. 1: Is Chris Petersen capable of pulling a Dave Christensen?

I don't presume to know what goes on behind closed doors in the Boise State locker room during a particularly frustrating game (I assume lots of yelling, followed by some confidence-building in an appreciation circle). But I do know how Chris Petersen conducts himself on the field after the game: quickly, quietly, respectfully, and really hoping to avoid any and all reporters.

Maybe some day if Boise State is 1-6 and Chris Petersen has yet to take the UCLA job, he might let something slip in a postgame interview, like h-e-double hockey sticks, but I can't see him going after an opposing coach for perceived unsportsmanlike conduct.

Dan Hawkins, though. He would be a different story.

Thought No. 2: What is considered a good Joe Southwick game?

Last week's Southwick stat line brought up the following observationfrom our own MKingery:

Many called this Southwick's best performance of the year. 243 yards, zero touchdowns and 55 percent success rate are not flashy or career defining numbers. Hopefully, the contentment for Southwick's performance is a result of the fanbase judging Southwick by his own standards rather than the unrealistic expectations set by his predecessor.

So what do you consider to be a good Joe Southwick game?

Here are my parameters:

  • No bad interceptions (last week's Hail Mary one was acceptable).
  • More than 150 yards passing.
  • Missing fewer than three wide open receivers.

Those are bare minimums. I would also like for him to score touchdowns in the red zone, not slide short of first downs when he scrambles, and check out of plays that are obviously doomed, but I don't want to push my luck.

Thought No. 3: J.C. Percy is better than people realize

This week, J.C. Percy made the quarterfinal cut for the LOTT Trophy, given to the best defensive player - on and off the field - in college football. If you were being generous, you would probably call him the third best defender on the team, behind Jamar Taylor and Demarcus Lawrence, and yet here he is, up for a national award with 19 of the best defensive players around.

Do not sleep on J.C. Percy just because he is at the bottom of every pile, obscured by three-foot-wide defensive linemen.

I'm going to try to watch him more this week to see what I've been missing. I don't doubt his greatness; I've just been too distracted by the greatness all around him to notice.

Thought No. 4: Does the Boise State defense play differently on the road?

I don't mean to sound any alarms, but look at the splits between road and home games for the Bronco defense.

Home Road
Pts Allowed 8.8 20
Yards Allowed 239 419

Let me be the first to say, "Do not believe this man! He is a liar! Stats don't tell the whole story." Road games so far have included Michigan State in Week One when the defense was still finding its legs, New Mexico and the impossible-to-defend triple option, and Southern Miss.

Don't you wonder, though, how those Michigan State and New Mexico games might have gone if the Broncos were at home?

Thought No. 5: Looking ahead to San Diego State, anyone?

I am, but I am allowed to do irresponsible things like that. I would hope that the Boise State players aren't doing the same. I would think that preparing to play a game on Hoth would be all the further one could look. Survive the windscape of Laramie and then figure out what comes next.