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Win this incredibly-good-looking Boise State t-shirt

For Boise State fans wanting to look handsome/fashionable while supporting their team, camo isn't going to cut it. You will need to shop the Boise State collection at Stadia. The Stadia guys have put together some of the most original Bronco apparel you will ever see. Why don't you buy some? Or win some?

Stadia is giving away a free Bronco Nation t-shirt (the gray one, pictured above) to one lucky OBNUG reader who leaves a comment on this post with an answer to the following question:

What do you wear on gameday when Boise State is playing out of town?

I'll go first. I wear either an Ian Johnson Fiesta Bowl t-shirt, a standard gray Boise State tee, or an OBNUG-produced Doug Martin shirt that survived the Great T-Shirt Recall of 2011 (one of only a few in existence, will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in 20 years).

How about you?

I will pick a random winner this weekend, so get your comment in now and keep those fingers crossed. A big thanks to the guys at Stadia who, though they might not want me disclosing this fact, actually read this blog. Did I mention they have THEY ARE SOME OF THE BEST DESIGNERS THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN?

Best of luck, y'all. Win that shirt!