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Predict the score for Boise State vs. Wyoming

Cooper Neill

How lopsided will things be on Saturday? You tell me.

Predict the score for the Wyoming - Boise State game in the comments, and if you hit the score nail on the score head, you will win a Boise State jersey of your choice. An exact score wins the prize; a close score wins the respect and admiration of your peers.

We are still without a 100 percent correct score this season, but it's only a matter of time before the Broncos put together a classic 42-14 or 35-10 win. Might this be the week? Or might the freezing temps and lunar moon environs of Laramie make this one a nailbiter (or an underrated Wyoming team, I guess)? Better create an alternate SB Nation identity just so you can cover all your bases with predictions.

My prediction is Boise State 38, Wyoming 7. This one will not get to be fifty shades of ugly like the 51-6 romp last year because I don't believe this team is capable of 51-6 blowouts (until Colorado State comes to Boise). 38-7 will be blowout enough.


What say you? Score predictions in the comments please.