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Boise State depth chart versus Wyoming

Otto Kitsinger III

For weights and measures and classes, view the full depth chart pdf. For speculation and analysis, scroll on down.




Now for some news and notes and wild speculation:

Another week, another exact same depth chart

I hope I don't jinx things by pointing this out, but Boise State's depth chart has been exactly the same for the past three games. By this point in the season, players are typically dropping like flies - flies with bad ACLs. But you know what? Forget I said anything. I don't want to be held responsible when the entire two-deep offensive line misses four weeks with mono.

Mitch Burroughs status update

Burroughs could possibly be back for Boise State's season finale against Nevada on December 1. The injury specifics are that it's his wrist aaaand that's all we know. However, media reports confirm he was seen wearing a cast, so Boise State's Keeper of the Injuries totally dropped the ball on that one.

See you next year, Gabe Linehan

Linehan began the season on the short list of Boise State breakout stars, and he will end the season in street clothes presumably. Chris Petersen was not optimistic about the timetable for either Linehan or fellow tight end Kyle Sosnowski's return from injury.

Demarcus Lawrence returns from suspension

Lawrence violated team rules and sat out the UNLV game - a punishment that may or may not have had its intended result considering it was a game against UNLV. Nevertheless, Lawrence is expected back this week, and we fans are expected to never know what team rule he violated. Keeper of the Suspensions > Keeper of the Injuries.

When you need a deep ball, who you gonna call?

The Broncos have alternated sending Dallas Burroughs and Aaron Burks deep this season, choosing one or the other as the deep threat specialist. Which one have you been more impressed with? I appreciate that Burroughs has developed from a sprinter into a receiver, and I like that Aaron Burks is making good on that promise he showed two springs ago. For me, it's a push. Send 'em both deep!