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The top five plays from Boise State's win over UNLV

Otto Kitsinger III

1. Jerrell Gavins' interception in the end zone

The timing of Gavins' pick - Broncos up by only 11 with UNLV driving in the 2nd quarter - was impeccable, and the play itself - a magical over-the-shoulder catch playing deep in single coverage - was marvelous. Without Gavins' pick, the complexion of this game would have been different until, well, until probably someone else made a remarkable, game-changing play.

2. D.J .Harper's 10-yard touchdown run

Harper's touchdown opened the scoring for the Broncos, and it helped stave off those goalline troubles before they even started. Why not just score from 10 yards out instead of waiting to score from one?

3. Joe Southwick 35-yard pass to Chris Potter

On their second drive of the second half with the Broncos leading 25-0, Boise State faced a third and 14 from just inside UNLV territory. The Running' Rebels, as you would figure, expected pass and rushed only two, dropping nine into coverage. It wasn't good coverage, obviously, as Southwick stepped up and found a wide open Chris Potter at the 10-yard-line. Potter took the ball to the one (a 35-yard gain), and Harper punched it in on the next play.

4. Dallas Burroughs catches a bomb from Southwick

Boise State's second touchdown (a run by Jay Ajayi) was set up by a 51-yard catch by Dallas Burroughs. Give Southwick credit for giving Burroughs a chance, and give Burroughs credit for shielding the defender with his body and coming down with the football. Sometimes Burroughs can look like a sprinter playing football; this was a good football play, plain and simple.

5. Pick 'em: Giant kckoff tackle

Teams might be safer taking a knee at the 10-yard line than returning one of Trevor Harman's hanging kickoffs. Opponents are basically running headlong into a buzzsaw, featuring a full speed Blake Renaud and friends.